The best things in life are Free (mans)!

Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am back with a blog post.

After some time away and full of blogger enthusiasm I feel it is the time to put my ramblings back in print and go with the flow of blogging as and when, A: I have time, B: I have something exciting to blog about and C: I feel that you would all like to hear about something.

So when I was contacted by the lovely gang at Freemans Catalogue , I felt this was the time to let you know about them.

I am sure if you are around my (ahem) age group that everyone will be very familiar with Freemans, The original catalogue shopping experience, before online shopping anyway.
My husband has reminded me that before all the internet images that kids can scarily access at a click, ( I googled nude shoes and the images were definitely not what I was looking for!!!) That the Freemans catalogue was a 15 yr old boys only secret pleasure….the see-through bras apparently….EWWW!!!!!

Anyway…shaking that image out of my head, on re-visiting Freemans I was if anything pleasantly surprised, great basics, great brands and some nice little finds.
They have kicked off a brand new advertising campaign “The best things and life are Freemans” and are asking what do you do that is totally free to relax and chill.. Being a busy mum of three boys, locking myself in a bathroom for 5 minutes until one of them realises I am not on beck and call and shouts round the house “MUM, MUM, MUM” is about as much peace as I get. So for me my time to myself and time to be with my own thoughts is when I go for a run. Its an hour of thinking, planning my week and running over problems/worries and I feel refreshed and positive afterwards. I will always have a nice bubble bath afterwards but again there will be small people coming in and going to the toilet, throwing toys in or even stripping off and jumping in… so the peace lasts only while out of the house.

For the school run , I have picked a great outfit from Freemans.

The first is a gorgeous camisole by Laura Scott which in a pretty nude colour with lace top will practically go with everything and a nice layering item.

Next I choose a basic grey V-neck jumper which shows the top of the lace cami, making it more feminine.

Team this with the Navy pinstripe blazer and white converse high tops and you have the perfect school run outfit.

Classic and practical and items I know I will wear again and again. Great tran-seasonal items.

Go and take a look at Freemans you will be surprised.

Take care

Amanda x

BPC Grey jumper     

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