Keeping it simple

The weekend is here and I like to keep my style clean and simple. Going out for lunch with my boys , which is always a relaxing affair ( not), argueing over who has killed who on Minecraft when playing on their electronic babysitters. What did we ever do before shoving electronic gadgets in their […]

Biker, Black and Heels

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Blimey, its a cold one today! I know we have pollution from the Sahara desert but crikey where has spring gone? My wardrobe doesn’t know wether its in or out, Winter or Spring, just as I think I will get all my summery clothes out it throws a day like […]

Pink, Stripes and Silver Highlights

Good Morning, Hope you all had a great weekend, especially all of you mummy’s out there on Mothers Day yesterday. I had a Mothers Day weekend really ( milked it for all I could) because I knew that I was being taken out on Sunday for lunch, I thought I would take my mum out […]

Stripes, Leopard and “bob”

Hi Folks, hope you have had a good day. I went for it today and had half of my hair cut off!! I always wore my hair up and have worn it up for about the last two years. So the time came today to get rid of it so that I could wear it […]

Challenge day 28: Incorporate a office appropriate blouse to your weekend look

Ok, Hands up, I have got the challenges mixed up today should be “ give a feminine dress some edge with a Moto jacket” so I will do that one tomorrow. Here’s hoping there isn’t any challenge police. Just so happens that I have the perfect jacket for that one too. Today the gorgeous leather […]

Challenge Day 25: Dress up distressed jeans

Loving the last few days of the challenge, today is what I normally do.. Jeans, jacket, heels is my uniform, although I am being a bit more adventurous thanks to this challenge and a few things I will be carrying forward to my everyday style.  Distressed boyfriend jeans can be worn whatever your age I […]

Challenge Day 24: Layer in an unexpected way.

Straight away when I saw this challenge I thought “Superman” …..pants over leggings. That would be very unexpected when I picked the kids up from school, and I white tight jacket with lots of straps would probably be my next outfit! Bra over top? That would be unexpected too. Keeping it realistic and legal I […]

Challenge Day 23: Wear a colour you haven’t worn in a while.

Happy glorious spring Sunday! What a great weekend, BBQ’s were being dusted of across the country no doubt and that feeling of warmth on your skin is like meeting a long lost friend.  Today’s challenge did worry me a bit, being Miss black and cream I did have to think about this, and when I […]