Surprises in a box

It’s always a nice surprise to get an unexpected parcel. Especially when it has been picked especially for you.

So it was a pleasant surprise to receive a gift for me to try on and blog about, should I like it.

I am not going to tell you who it was from yet, because I want to focus on the beautiful white linen shirt that was in the box.

A white linen shirt is a wardrobe staple and I should imagine many of us own one (or three!). I especially love the cut of this one as sometimes linen shirts, let’s be honest can be pretty shapeless and when they are  really lightweight linen which creases beyond recognition you can end up looking like you spent last night on the bench in your local park.

This one however is cut really well and is in a heavier linen, the sleeves are rolled up for a casual look and the pockets on each side seem to compliment my shape.

I have styled it below  how I would wear it and I know this will become a welcome piece into my wardrobe.

Ok so now the shocker! It is from a company that holds many memories for me as “The grandma shop” it is in the midst of a rebrand and to be honest it’s in desperate need of one……The shop is “Bonmarche”

I could hear the gasps and feel the shudders as I wrote that. Yep the lovely store that you used to escort your grandma into by the arm and look at the many shades of beige nylon winter coats. I was convinced that anyone walking fast enough through the rows of nylon and polyester clothing would ignite flames and we would all be running (or shuffling) to the exit.

This my sound a bit harsh but at 42 and a lover of fashion I am not ready and never will be to enter into that world. So a rebrand sounds great, but they really need to look at companies such as M&S if they are going to target anyone under the age of 60. ( my mum is 65 and was not impressed by the website).

If done right it could be the start of great things for Bonmarche, but looking at the website there is a lot of work to be done and there was nothing else I would wear. They have a black faux fur coat which looked ok but how they styled the picture was very old-fashioned and put me off.

Whoever picked the linen shirt needs to be in the rebrand meetings for sure because it is the best item there and for only £20 it is great value.

Fashion for me is about finding pieces that suit your style from anywhere, I am not snobby about where I shop and if Bonmarche had anything else I was interested in I would probably buy. My style is about mixing High street with a splash of luxury ( bank balance allowing). The clues in the name Highonluxe. So for now I will stick with this lovely shirt and watch in anticipation for the brand to evolve.

I am sure you all have your thoughts on Bonmarche…. Please share!

What do you think to the shirt? I love it!

*Thank you to Bonmarche for the linen shirt, I honestly love it and will definitely be wearing it in the future. My account of the website is very honest and I am sure replicated amongst my age group.

I understand I will probably not be receiving a parcel anytime soon but I do like your Black Faux fur coat.  Styled in a modern way its a sure winner, If I can be of any help in the rebrand from the prospective of a fortysomething fashion lover I would love to help.

P1010375Styled in the most obvious way, ripped skinnies, nude pumps and shades

P1010378Close up! It really is a great quality shirt

P1010379Modern mix with a midi skirt.

P1010384Collarless shirt sits perfect with  collarless jacket.

Take care

Amanda x

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