Stripes, block and rips

I am channeling a lot of different looks today, maybe I am confused or maybe I got ready in a daze after my youngest has started to rise before the birds for the fourth day running and I am lucky if I manage to get out of the house without my Pj’s on.

That said, I like this outfit. After picking up my stripe fix ( two Bretons from Boden) the other day I teamed it with a monochrome block coloured jacket of cream and black from  and my ever faithful ripped jeans from Asos.

Looking back on my last few blog post since I went back to being “me”, after a stint playing “fashion bloggers that I like but there style doesn’t suit me”, I have realised there is a very strong theme in the black and cream/white department and after re-arranging my wardrobe the fact is that 60% of my wardrobe is black, 30% is cream/white , 5% grey and 5% random colours. This does not include my jeans… that is a whole different story.

So the fact remains, I am drawn to these colours and they do work for me and my style. I am at 43 and still working some things out but I am sure I will get my style nailed soon enough!

After posting the other week about dresses for the race’s on Saturday (none of which I bought) I found a gorgeous dress from Hobbs, but you know the feeling that you get when you know it’s just not quite right for you and maybe dare a say it a little bit “boring” well this niggled away at me and I took it back. I just can’t get away from the fact that my gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress is just perfect. It is definitely not boring and I feel great in it, so I just need to learn that sometimes getting something new just for the sake of it is not the answer..PHAHHH who I am kidding, I spent the money from the dress on a great bespoke head-piece!!!!

Take care

Amanda x







Breton top: Boden Here

Jacket: Here NOW £24 in the sale!!!

Jeans: Asos Similar here

Skaters : Kurt Geiger Here

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