Statement skirt.

Hi Peeps,

I have been so excited for the big yellow ball in the sky to make a grand appearance and finally get some serious summer clothes an airing, and what better weather to get the pins out in a statement skirt.

Being tall (and on the wrong side of 40) its hard to find a skirt that is right for me, I love the statement floral midi skirts but I am not one for standing out for the wrong reasons. It’s hard to explain but being tall you do stand out regardless and I feel more comfortable in more classic cuts, styles and colours. Otherwise I feel I look like an overdone giant fairy! Does anyone out there understand where I am coming from?

So all though I am very jealous of very petite girls who can wear the big “sticky outy” floral midi skirts unfortunately they do not suit me.

The hunt for a unusal statement skirt has been on for me and I have purchased a few. They have been worn once or twice out of guilt but I have never felt comfortable in them, so they have made their way into the back of the wardrobe obis. Then I spotted this beauty in the my-wardrobe sale, amazing discount and really beautiful without being to big , flouncy and “giant dressed as a fairy” like. It is a beautiful silk printed pleat skirt under a neutral light grey more structured overlay and the blues are just stunning for the summer and make it a very versatile skirt. I am in love with it and have worn it with flat sandals and more dressed up today with strappy heels for a lovely lunch date with hubster.

I know that even in the sale it is very pricey, but it is such a beautiful skirt in the flesh and I know I will be wearing it in years to come… Check it out here!

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts!

Have a fabulous weekend.

Amanda x









Statement Skirt: Ostwald Helgason Here

White T – Gap

Shoes: Vince Camuto In Sale here!

Bag : Mulberry


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