Statement flats…The search goes on.

It is truly a difficult task, trailing the internet looking at shoes trying to find a perfect pair of statement flats, but someone has got to do it.

I spend hours on a night looking at shoes, bags, clothes and the occasional household item (if hubby is reading), I always have and constantly add to my never ending wish list of beautiful goodies.

I have found a few pairs one of my favourite being these sparkly ones from LK Bennett

Crystal Mini Kitten Point Toe Heel

I love the little kitten heel, which I think would be more flattering if worn with a skirt. I am leaning more to a flat with a tiny bit of a heel like this or even the little wedge ones also from LK Bennett available in this Tangerine spot, Blue or Black.


Perla Dotted Lizard Print Kitten Wedge

But me being me, I have little arguments in my head and switch from actually wanting a statement flat to really wanting just a plain black or silver type one to go with everything. I sometimes give myself headaches with the indecisiveness.

I will let you know as the hunt goes on which pair I go for and hopefully it will be soon. I go to sleep thinking of shoes, I would say ‘I bet you think I am crazy’, but I know that if you are reading this you are mad about fashion and will completely understand! We are like fellow “ Nutters” !!!!!

Where is your outfit post Amanda? I hear you cry, well yesterday BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY, we had to go to Ikea in Leeds and you can imagine the absolute chaos, but we couldn’t get everything we needed and so we had to go back today..AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Two days wasted in the obis that is Ikea. So I wore my uniform that I wore last week and didn’t want to bore you with it again and today for going back to Ikea a second time I wore a white jacket with very long arms and lots of buckles!

If you have any ideas about the flats situation please, please, please let me know.

Until tomorrow

Take care

Amanda x


  1. I have found my perfect pair for this year in my Jimmy Choo silver ones. I adore metallic because it goes with everything but I do think the LK Bennett pair with the wedge are super cute. I do love the kitten heel, I am crazy about glitter shoes, have a few, but this style is more dressy and not sure I could carry those off for daytime x Ikea sounds like hell on earth. I spent Easter Monday listening to the old man swear and shout as he replaced a ballcock and two light fittings – it was scary, he does not do DIY on any level! xx

    • I love your Jimmy Choo silver ones, I am really looking at the silver wedge LK Bennett ones. My husband is also horrendous at DIY and for all our safety avoids it like the plague. 🙂 x

  2. Stunning shoes, I have been looking at those LK Bennett shoes for ages they are just stunning, Alex from The Frugality has them in gold and they look fab…and now you have made me think I ‘need’ them again…both stunning shoes!! Xxx

  3. ooooo Love those kitten heels – they look perfect. So nice!!
    go on, Get them :0)

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