Refreshed and ready..

Yes I am back from my hols and feeling refreshed and ready to take my blog to the next level. I have been mulling things over and after reading lots of blogs I have decided that I am definitely going to go back to my comfort zone of neutrals and casual dressing aka my girl crush Louise Redknapp.

I have had a lot of colour and pattern creep into my wardrobe of late, and although I absolutely love it on other people, looking back on my photos it just isn’t me. I was told you find your style in your twenties…ahem “Hello” 42 and still dropping bit fat fashion clangers. I am easily swayed by beautiful materials and a well put together mannequin and very much like “Confessions of a shopaholic” they just seem to beckon me in. Well no more, I am standing firmly in my pointy flats and taking control!

So tomorrow begins the wardrobe cull…da, da, daaaahhhh!!! and if it doesn’t fit the bill its out. I hope I come out the other side, wish me look with that one.

Until the new and improved me emerges, please take a look at some of my holiday style moments , looks like the jeans will be back out tomorrow though (sat with the heating on).

Take care

Amanda x




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