Patterned trews and neon.

After a typical ripped jeans, leather jacket and leopard skaters outfit day yesterday for taking kids to an adventure land ( didn’t want to bore you with the outfit again!!) , I decided to get a bit more creative today and I went for a dive into my summer wardrobe and dug out my favourite trousers from last year. They are monochrome patterned ones (yep patterned…I do attempt it on some occasions) and have a splash of my favourite colour orange in them ( see close up pic). I was going to wear them with a fine knit grey jumper but thought I would mix it up a bit and wear them with my blue shirt. I also love any opportunity to get my neon orange Louboutins out and McQueen orange clutch. I must admit I felt great, summery (even with the pouring down rain), bright and proud of stepping ever so slighty out of my box!

It was hilarious taking Jack to the eye clinic today in my bright neon shoes, I am  sure they would all be complaining that there glasses/contact lenses were wrong and everything was really bright.

I have another couple of pairs of patterned trousers from last year and I am looking forward to wearing them again now. I am really loving the all patterned look aswell especially the trousers and top combo, I have spotted a gorgeous matchy matchy in Dorothy Perkins of all places in green and it has been haunting me ever since…buy me. So in a few post this will probably be featured.

What do you think of patterned trousers? Are you liking the matchy matchy look too?

Let me know your thoughts

Take care

Amanda x







P1010284Trousers: Topshop (old) Similar Here

Blue Shirt: Topshop: Here

Shoes: Christian Louboutin: Similar Here

Bag : Alexander McQueen: Similar Here

Chanel-esque jewelry: Topshop : Here and matching bracelet available in stores



  1. Love the pop of orange! Great colour combo!

  2. Ah you got the bangle, well done! I adore this outfit, the tangerine and the blue goes beautifully and those heels are to die for!

  3. That is a really cute outfit. I adore the pants and the pop of colors from the shoes and bag are perfect.

  4. If I looked as great as you do in skinnies, I would wear them everyday. This is a very good look for you and I love the pop of orange, as I am currently having a mad love affair with the color.
    Greetings from Glenda

  5. You look fab as always! Just started reading your blog and I love it! I have the shirt too, looks great with those trousers xx

  6. Love the trousers – they are great – Love the pattern & the little touches of orange in them matched with the shoes and bag – lovely !

  7. You look gorgeous, love the shoes and bag teamed with your print trousers! I am a completely ‘Miss Matchy Matchy’, so am quite into the co-ord’s at the moment 🙂

    Your blog is fab, I’ve never spotted you before and your ‘About Me’ page is inspirational – sending you and your family lots of positive thoughts for the future xxx

    • Thank you so much Keri, what a lovely comment and thank you for your well wishes, he is doing great! I hope you enjoy my blog in he future and look forward to your comments. Amanda x

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