Challenge Day 24: ..

Straight away when I saw this challenge I thought “Superman” …..pants over leggings. That would be very unexpected when I picked the kids up from school, and I white tight jacket with lots of straps would probably be my next outfit! Bra over top? That would be unexpected too. Keeping it realistic and legal I […]

Challenge Day 23: ..

Happy glorious spring Sunday! What a great weekend, BBQ’s were being dusted of across the country no doubt and that feeling of warmth on your skin is like meeting a long lost friend.  Today’s challenge did worry me a bit, being Miss black and cream I did have to think about this, and when I […]

Challenge Day 22: ..

Yippee! My kind of challenge, especially on a Saturday..Perfect.  I am feeling a bit under the weather so I wanted to be comfortable and skinnies and a sweater is exactly what I would normally wear when feeling like this.  After sending Mr HOL out to do the shopping for me,  I had a little route […]

Challenge Day 21: ..

Well the “challenge gods” were shining on me today (or so I thought) ..After 30 minutes of trying to make my coats look nice with various belts all of which made me look like a sack of spuds tied in the middle, a delivery from French Connection arrived with a cream trench coat WITH belt. […]

Challenge Day 20: ..

I can’t believe I am on day 20 of the challenge, only 10 more to go and I am going to buy myself a little medal for my great achievement ! Today’s challenge was unusual for me as you know I am not a great fan of a skirt in the day, so to wear […]

Challenge Day 19: ..

Hi, What another glorious day and I am certainly full of the joys of spring! Firstly yesterday I was the winner of the Harvey Nichols twitter competition, where you had to pick an outfit to go with an IRO Paris leather jacket and I won and won the IRO Jacket (Worth £900..WOW!!) So as you can […]

Challenge Day 18: ..

Well now I am feeling completely back to normal, but possibly just a tad confused (again) with this challenge. Now correct me if I am wrong but I can’t imagine that there are many different ways to “tuck” a top in, or have a missed the memo on this seasons “tucking styles” …good job I […]

Challenge Day 17: ..

Hello, I am alive ( just) I apologise for the mysterious 2 day skip in my 30 day outfit challenge but the weekend was pretty hectic and after attending a charity ball on Saturday night I was in a haze of pain and regret on Sunday after the wine had flowed oh so freely…. It […]