Hello Mr Sunshine!

Wow, what a fantastic day it has been (weather wise anyway) , my two youngest are driving me slightly mad, my youngest just wants to do everything my 7yr old does and follows him around constantly and my 7yr old sometimes is just not in the mood for him…… Follow screams, bickering etc, you get the jist!

What should be an idyllic lunch in the sun on the balcony, ends up with a stressed out mum and two children in their own bedrooms…. And breathe !

The sunshine definitely gets you thinking of your summer wardrobe and it is nice to get the items out that you loved last summer and get re- acquainted.

A pair of my favourite sandals from last summer were some white studded Carvela ones that were very similar to the Isabel Marant ones but about £550 cheaper. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them and after months of drooling after the Marant ones they were a sight for sore eyes.

I have dragged them out today as they have a mid block heel so you can still run around after the kids ( and march them to their bedrooms) , so everyone is a winner ( except the kids possibly).

Teamed with a long black Acne shirt and skinnie jeans its another casual outfit for the Easter hols!

Hope you are all having a great Easter break. How are your stress levels doing?

Bring on the wine. .….

Take care

Amanda x

P1010122 P1010123 P1010126Ha I look so cheerful!

Jeans: Topshop Here

Shirt : Acne Here

Sandals: Carvela

Sunglasses: Ray Ban


  1. Ha, I am with you, my two have 10 mins of blissful playing followed by 30mins of bust ups!! Nevertheless, you are looking fabulously stylish, I love those sandals, they are fab and what a great ‘homage’ (copy) of the IM ones perfect! Xx

  2. Ha – that happens here too! Perfect solution – I booked my eldest (8) in to football camp this week! My youngest (4) wants to be just like his big brother (8) and big bruv is having none of it (small dudes are seriously ANNOYING in his books).

    Lovely outfit even just for chillaxing – that’s my going out (I don’t do dressing up very well – I am seriously lazy and love being comfy too much)!

  3. Love the sandals…perfect casual look!

  4. LOL my 7 yr old follows and copies my 9yr old I can totally relate to this!
    I literally do not bother with any outfit when on the school hols and going no where – you look fab!

  5. Laughing at your reply to Frances, I am one of those Mums who says the holidays went too quickly, my 13 year old boy is no trouble and I love having him home with me, not the same when the three girls were his age and younger, now that was school holiday carnage! Anyway back to the outfit, you have lots of long shirts which I love, perfect for hiding my tummy, I need more, you don’t need them at all but they look super stylish on you! Fab sandals xx

    • Ha, it sounds a bit harsh but they are all amazing, just individualy at the moment!!I know I have realised I own a lot of long shirts, I have no idea why I just like the look :0 x

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