Grey as the day

Hi folks, hope you all had a great bank holiday despite the miserable weather.

We had planned a day at Clumber park to play football and cricket and cycle around the lake as it was my middle son’s birthday today, but the weather put at stop to that one . Spencer was then asked what would his second option be and being definitely a chip off the old block he said he would like to go to Meadowhall ( a shopping centre in Sheffield) and have Sushi….Result, thank you rain!!!!

So off we all went with the rest of the world it seems and queued for a mile to have Sushi. It was worth the trip though as not only was Spencer spoiled but so was I after a trip to the Apple shop and a beautiful shiny new toy was mine to happily blog away to my heart’s content. Lucky me 🙂

Keeping in the theme of my “back to basics” look and after realising I had a bit of a collection of plain grey T’s , I dug one out to match the sky. Teamed with my favourite ripped black ripped skinnies and a tux type fitted black jacket.  Leopard skaters were definitely in order for walking round ( and carrying a tired 4yr old) and my faithful Chloe bag.

This week will involve, getting kids ready for back to school, arranging Spencer’s Birthday party (on Sat) and work.

I just have to let you in on a great find that a lady on instagram has found. As you all probably follow WIT blog, we all have drooled over her beautiful black Aquazurra flats but at approx £500 they were definitely firmly staying on the wish list. So when I saw a photo of these beauties from New Look I was amazed. Great buy so order them now!


319371201Sorry about the rubbish pic, but go on the link and take a look!


Take care

Amanda x

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