The Crisp White Shirt

I am back after a few cheeky days away in Spain, all very last minute but great all the same. Clear blue skys, hot sun, cold wine and ripe olives, what more could you possibly need to re-charge the old batteries?

Back to the gloomy wet present and I have mentioned in my wish list in Clothes I Love, that two things I really wanted were the lovely white crisp shirt from MiH and also their big turn-up jeans. In my last post I told you about the Levi 501’s I bought that are straight legged and do the big turn-up thing a treat. Next was my hunt for the perfect boyfriend crisp white shirt like the MiH one, and I think I actually found the perfect replacement from the ever amazing Zara. It has the long length, the boyfriend cut, the button roll up sleeves and the perfect thick cotton, virtually the same and at £30 a lot, lot cheaper.

I wore it today, with my faux fur gilet, skinny jeans and beautiful new silver flats from LK Bennett.

What do you think of my style steal?? I am surely getting some gold stars for my new found thriftiness!!

I have gone for a darker blonde at the hairdressers today as well, I felt that it was just getting, blonder and blonder so decided to have it toned down a bit. What do you think? I am hoping that it is not as harsh and a “classier” shade of blonde……….Classier or dull I can’t quite decide yet! Will we ever be satisfied?

Tomorrow I am volunteering for Sheffield Childrens Hospital so I dont think my outfit will be anything to write about, a bright yellow T-Shirt is not the top of my wish list but the cause is definately at the top of my agenda.

Take care

Amanda x






P1010221White Shirt: Zara Similar Here

Jeans: Topshop Here

Gilet: Mint velvet Similar here

Flats: LK Bennett Here



  1. Definitely classy not dull. Great shirt too.
    Sue x

  2. I love a white shirt and your shirt is perfect, love the metallic too x

  3. I love the new blonde. For some stupid reason I cannot fathom out, I cancelled my hairdresses appointment about 3 weeks ago. Big mistake. Can’t wait to get the hair sorted soon. Love that shirt x

    • Thanks Donna, had to have my roots done every 4 weeks when I was “blonde blonde”, now hopefully I can go a bit longer as the is more my natural colour….I think anyway haven’t seen my natural colour since I was about 15!!! x

  4. Um might try my FC faux fur gilet over that Gap shirt I can’t get on with. Hair looks good, I have to tone mine down sometimes and am going for more brown put through it to break it up a bit. Good luck for tomorrow, full of admiration and childrens charities are those closest to my heart x

    • Try it, bet it will look great. Was going to have low lights but went for the full colour, think I am having a mid life crisis, first hair chopped off, now darker might have it shaved next (not) . The people you meet when volunteering are very special people and a priviledge to meet really enjoy it ! x

  5. Hi Amanda, Glad you had a nice break!
    Love the shirt – Crisp white shirts shirts are wonderful, and absolutely adore the shoes – Loving seeing silver footwear at the moment.

  6. fashion40ish says:

    I think you look stunning. I love the new blonde it is perfect. I will have to steal your’ look but I will be whipping out my cheaper ‘Next’ version of your’ super shoes. Glad you had a good mini break. H xx

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