Comfort zones and the drama of “The” spotty dress

What an eventful day today. I shall begin at the very beginning, a very good place to start (as the song goes).

Everybody I am sure who follows or writes blogs will be aware of “THE” spotty dress that the beautiful and ever-growing style crush of mine Laura from  wore only a few weeks ago from M & S and sent everyone into a buying frenzy. I myself was chilling on holiday when I saw the Instagram and nearly choked on my Sangria. I quickly made an excuse to Mr HOL and scurried back to our house, fired up the laptop and ordered myself the very same dress to be delivered the day I returned..Phew! At £39 this was a dress I was not going to miss out on just because I was miles away.

Back from Spain and more excited to receive the dress than to actually be home…. I waited….and waited…. No Dress!

The next day I called M & S and they politely informed me that my money had been returned and the ordered cancelled with no explanation on the screen as to why ( computer says NO sprang to mind).

Looking on the website the dress had sold out..Shocker!

It is amazing when you have your heart set on something and it is out of your reach how much more that you desperately want it. I am convinced that when they made the film “ Confessions of a shopoholic” they had been secretly watching me from afar.

Phoning round the stores nearby ensued and when I got hold of a lovely lady at the Meadowhall branch she actually went around the store looking for it with my very accurate description. “No I am sorry” she said “Nothing like that here”. Gutted.

I decided that I would go anyway ( an hour drive) just to be sure, and I needed some new stationary for my new work space (I need help?!) and low and behold as soon as I walk into M&S right in front of me is a beautiful row of spotty dresses all in sizes 10 and 12………….THANK YOU!!!!! And the best part is my refund was £44.95 (including nominated day delivery) and the dress was in the sale for £15. I can hear your applause and believe me I am feeling pretty smug right now.

Lovely lady who picked up the phone….OPEN YOUR EYES!

and breath……………………

Hopefully I will be able to showcase this dress on Saturday night and it will probably be styled very similar to everyone elses!

I will show you my outfit that I wore to the hairdressers and then on this dress hunt. It is back to my comfort zone of neutrals and easy lines. I silk black T, I picked up in Marbs, Cream Jacket from Topshop, ripped Jeans from Asos and my black NB Trainers.

I am now going to have a stiff drink… Night all .

Amanda x


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