Challenge Day 24: Layer in an unexpected way.

Straight away when I saw this challenge I thought “Superman” …..pants over leggings. That would be very unexpected when I picked the kids up from school, and I white tight jacket with lots of straps would probably be my next outfit!

Bra over top? That would be unexpected too.

Keeping it realistic and legal I decided to go for the new trend of dress over jeans/trousers. 

I actually like this look, but I think for me without it looking ridiculous the dress length has to be quiet short. A long dress with trousers would make me look like I am trying to impersonate Will-i-am, so I stuck with a shift dress with leather detail at the bottom.

It is a great look if you are feeling a bit thick on the thighs because it cuts that area out and starts showing the legs at their slimmer parts, so that’s a bonus!

I went for black on black as well which is a stark contrast from yesterdays post in my summery mustard, but today was like another season, dark, dull and really chilly.

How would you layer in an unexpected way? I would be interested to hear.

I have got a few treats from ASOS to spruce up my wardrobe, so I will share them with you over the next few days ( challenge’s permitting) 

I have also been asked to guest blog for, believe it or not Strata homes. They have started a blog and wanted a fashion input on trends and styles that would influence interiors. I am really excited about it and thrilled that in only a couple of months things are already looking promising. 

I must also say that I am grateful for all my readers and I love all of the comments which I do try to answer to each and everyone.

Until tomorrow..

Take care

Amanda x






Jeans: HERE


Dress: The Kooples ( old) SIMILAR HERE


Slip-on shoes: HERE


Coat: VivienneWestwood


Bag: Sophie Hulme

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