Challenge Day 17: Winterize your favourite summer skirt.

Hello, I am alive ( just) I apologise for the mysterious 2 day skip in my 30 day outfit challenge but the weekend was pretty hectic and after attending a charity ball on Saturday night I was in a haze of pain and regret on Sunday after the wine had flowed oh so freely…. It seemed a good idea at the time!

So today I am back on track, just about, I am not going to say “never again” because we all now that this is a lie, but maybe “not for a while” might be more realistic.

Anyway enough of my sorry story of greed and debauchery and onto today’s challenge “Winterize your favourite summer skirt” ..Ummm if you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I am not a big skirt person, or massively into print so you will probably be shocked that my favourite summer skirt ( well its actually a dress, but lets not split hairs) is a red leopard print tea dress. I fell in love with this, probably because it is leopard print last year when I saw it, it is not a shape I really go for either but when I tried it on it felt great, fitted in all the right places and was perfect for summer days.

My winterization ( my word) of it was simple, black tights and ankle boots, cropped black jumper and can you believe it, I actually wore my hat again.

Do you ever mix your summer things up for the winter? I must admit this is the first time I have done this, as I usually pack away my summer clothes to make room for my winter ones and vice versa.

So I hope you like what I have done and do share your thoughts on mixing up your clothes.

Take care

Amanda x




Dress: Topshop (old) SIMILAR HERE


Cropped jumper: Topshop SIMILAR HERE  ( and with a red dress, Spooky!)


Hat : Topshop HERE


Ankle boots: Zara SIMILAR HERE


Bag: Chloe


Ready for the Ball..

Alexander McQueen Dress and Bag


Sophie Hulme Belt 


Christian Louboutin Shoes 

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