Surprises in a box

It’s always a nice surprise to get an unexpected parcel. Especially when it has been picked especially for you. So it was a pleasant surprise to receive a gift for me to try on and blog about, should I like it. I am not going to tell you who it was from yet, because I […]

Comfort zones and the drama of “The” spotty dress

What an eventful day today. I shall begin at the very beginning, a very good place to start (as the song goes). Everybody I am sure who follows or writes blogs will be aware of “THE” spotty dress that the beautiful and ever-growing style crush of mine Laura from  wore only a few weeks ago […]

Refreshed and ready..

Yes I am back from my hols and feeling refreshed and ready to take my blog to the next level. I have been mulling things over and after reading lots of blogs I have decided that I am definitely going to go back to my comfort zone of neutrals and casual dressing aka my girl […]

Statement skirt.

Hi Peeps, I have been so excited for the big yellow ball in the sky to make a grand appearance and finally get some serious summer clothes an airing, and what better weather to get the pins out in a statement skirt. Being tall (and on the wrong side of 40) its hard to find […]

Back in black…

Hi Folks! …Yes I am back after a little break and I am glad to tell you I shall be blogging away from now on. I threw myself into this blog and sort of burnt myself out! I started this blog through my love of fashion and wanted it to be a journal of my […]

Floral and flouncey..

Hola!!!!…. I am alive!! Hi Folks, I have eventually dragged myself back kicking and screaming from the beautiful shores of Spain. We had a great (extended) holiday and now I am on serious detox from the “drink a glass of wine cause its sunny” attitude that a foreign climate seems to bring. I hope you […]

Levi’s, cami and my fave wedges

Greetings sun worshippers….. Hope you all had a great weekend. I bet there were a few BBQ’s dusted off and a mad rush for the burgers at the supermarkets. Sun = BBQ’s , wine and pottering around the garden in our house and I am sure I am not alone. This Saturday however was a […]

Patterned trews and neon.

After a typical ripped jeans, leather jacket and leopard skaters outfit day yesterday for taking kids to an adventure land ( didn’t want to bore you with the outfit again!!) , I decided to get a bit more creative today and I went for a dive into my summer wardrobe and dug out my favourite trousers […]

Sunday stripes and sunshine.

So I mentioned in my last post that I was on the hunt for an equal stripe Breton top and after going into various shops I could still not find one amongst the array of striped tops. So late last night after kids settled etc, etc I went to my go to place ASOS to […]

It doesn’t take much but the weather is confusing my choice of outfits of late and I am getting a bit frustrated, I really want to start wearing happy, summer, light, bright clothes but would look a bit ridiculous in the pouring down rain and grey skies. The “transitional” period between seasons is definitely getting […]

Man up!

Yes today I have been channeling my inner “man” and that doe’s not involve leaving up the toilet seat and hogging the remote control. But sporting a masculine silhouette and my favourite man shoe, the gorgeous brogue. Firstly though I must apologise for the lack of action on High on Luxe, but we have just […]

The Crisp White Shirt

I am back after a few cheeky days away in Spain, all very last minute but great all the same. Clear blue skys, hot sun, cold wine and ripe olives, what more could you possibly need to re-charge the old batteries? Back to the gloomy wet present and I have mentioned in my wish list […]