Levi’s, cami and my fave wedges

Greetings sun worshippers….. Hope you all had a great weekend. I bet there were a few BBQ’s dusted off and a mad rush for the burgers at the supermarkets. Sun = BBQ’s , wine and pottering around the garden in our house and I am sure I am not alone. This Saturday however was a […]

Patterned trews and neon.

After a typical ripped jeans, leather jacket and leopard skaters outfit day yesterday for taking kids to an adventure land ( didn’t want to bore you with the outfit again!!) , I decided to get a bit more creative today and I went for a dive into my summer wardrobe and dug out my favourite trousers […]

Sunday stripes and sunshine.

So I mentioned in my last post that I was on the hunt for an equal stripe Breton top and after going into various shops I could still not find one amongst the array of striped tops. So late last night after kids settled etc, etc I went to my go to place ASOS to […]


It doesn’t take much but the weather is confusing my choice of outfits of late and I am getting a bit frustrated, I really want to start wearing happy, summer, light, bright clothes but would look a bit ridiculous in the pouring down rain and grey skies. The “transitional” period between seasons is definitely getting […]

Man up!

Yes today I have been channeling my inner “man” and that doe’s not involve leaving up the toilet seat and hogging the remote control. But sporting a masculine silhouette and my favourite man shoe, the gorgeous brogue. Firstly though I must apologise for the lack of action on High on Luxe, but we have just […]

The Crisp White Shirt

I am back after a few cheeky days away in Spain, all very last minute but great all the same. Clear blue skys, hot sun, cold wine and ripe olives, what more could you possibly need to re-charge the old batteries? Back to the gloomy wet present and I have mentioned in my wish list […]

The Whites Are Out!!

And I don’t mean my legs..they are more light blue, fake tan is my saviour! I mean “white jeans”, surely this means spring, sunshine, fluffy clouds…No it threw it down. I was undeterred in my choice of jean though and trod carefully through the puddles. These white jeans are a great cut, they are my […]

Statement flats…The search goes on.

It is truly a difficult task, trailing the internet looking at shoes trying to find a perfect pair of statement flats, but someone has got to do it. I spend hours on a night looking at shoes, bags, clothes and the occasional household item (if hubby is reading), I always have and constantly add to […]

Striped shirt, Boyfriends and Easter Bonnet!

Happy Easter everyone….Hands up who is feeling slightly sick yet! Yep as I am writing this I am still picking at the kids easter eggs, it is allowed though today, especially when all snuggled up and watching “Hop” together. Today has been an Easter egg collecting day from relatives and now it is eat chocolate […]

The Usual Suspects..

Hi folks! Hope you are enjoying your Easter Break and looking forward to filling up on mountains of chocolate. We are now back from a fantastic mini break in London with the boys. I never tire of taking the boys at various stages of their childhood to see the sights and let them soak up the […]

Relaxed and Rock ’n’ Roll.

I am definitely more relaxed today, probably because the sibling bickering is quiet for the time being with Charlie (4) at nursery and Minecraft banned for the day YAY! We have split into teams today with Daddy taking Spencer (7) to run some errands and Jack(13) and I attending one of his hospital appointments, then […]

Hello Mr Sunshine!

Wow, what a fantastic day it has been (weather wise anyway) , my two youngest are driving me slightly mad, my youngest just wants to do everything my 7yr old does and follows him around constantly and my 7yr old sometimes is just not in the mood for him…… Follow screams, bickering etc, you get […]

The Perfect Skirt

As I am writing this I am on my comfy sofa where I have been for the past 4 hrs suffering in silence after a great night out. Whoever thought it was a good idea to finish the night with a few rounds of  Jack Daniels and coke has a lot to answer for today. […]

My Off-Duty Uniform

As I have mentioned my kids are off for Easter break and its definitely casual days as far as dress is concerned. Today has been a trip to Meadowhall a shopping centre in Sheffield for lunch and  toy shopping. Everytime I turned to sneak into a clothes shop all three kids shouted “NO” in unison. […]

“Very” Monochrome sport luxe

After seeing various lovely pieces of clothing on bloggers I follow from “Very” I decided to take a peek and see if there was anything that took my fancy. I was surprised that it is exactly the same as Littlewoods, same clothes, same layout, same everything! I know it is the same company but why […]

Oranges and Cream

Monday morning and the only alarm waking me up was my 4yr old. Bliss, I just love school holidays, no rushing, shouting and stress on a Monday morning. I am lucky in the fact that all my kids love being at home, I don’t have the pressure of trying to think of something exciting to […]

Sunday Style

Hi folks , hope you are all having a great weekend. Just a quick blog post of what I wore today for lunch with my family. Smart but casual, I would say as it was a bit of a rush after swimming with the kids. So I wore my grey coated skinny jeans, black cami, […]

Keeping it simple

The weekend is here and I like to keep my style clean and simple. Going out for lunch with my boys , which is always a relaxing affair ( not), argueing over who has killed who on Minecraft when playing on their electronic babysitters. What did we ever do before shoving electronic gadgets in their […]