A bit about me..

I am a 42yr old mum of three gorgeous boys, with a lifeIMG_0509long passion for fashion and all things fabulous. I am slighty addicted to leopard print, shoes and jackets and allergic to bold prints and bright colours although I am working on the latter

  After a massive bombshell that blew up our happy family life 18months ago when our eldest boy then 11yrs old was diagnosed completey out of the blue with a large life threatening brain tumour, my outlook on life changed forever.

I never walked back into my home interiors shop that  I had been running for a year and absolutely loved, I shut the door on Friday 22nd June 2012 to take Jack to the hospital for an eyesight check as he had just started with double vision and never went back.

After an emergancy operation which lasted 15hrs, the surgeons managed to save Jack after losing him mid-operation, but there were massive complications and Jack was put on life support , his airways would not work , so the machine was breathing for him. After 2 weeks in intensive care the decision was made to do a further operation to give Jack a Tracheostomy. Then the long haul to recovery began. My husband and I trained as tracheostomy nurses and managed to fetch Jack home unable to eat, walk  and talk. The next year would see me dedicated to getting Jack back to the best health we could and he is now back at school and doing amazing.

We have to have MRI scans every few months as there was some tumour left. Should this begin to grow again we will tackle it with the strenght that Jack has shown us.

The reason now for me doing this blog is simple, I have always wanted to be involved in fashion, which as for many of us has been a life long passion. My uncle used to call me “new shoes” even at 4 yrs old  as I used to tell everyone and anyone about my new shiny shoes with a beam across my face ( things havent changed!) All I needed was that little push, and there is nothing like a life changing experience for you to go for it.

Life is very short, go live your dreams at whatever age. Whats stopping you?

I hope you enjoy my ramblings on parenthood, daily outfit posts and lifestyle choices.

Be happy, love life and follow my blog!!!!

Take care

Amanda x